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Hang Ten Rigging can package any size gear list you need. We use properly maintained and certified chain hoists, industry standard rigging products, and maintain a safety first policy on all installations. All equipment has a minimum design-5 safety factor. 


Let Hang Ten Rigging help you with all of your rigging needs. 

Hang Ten Rigging now offers full lighting packages through our sister company. We can provide cutting-edge lighting design and gear packages for any size event. 




This decking solution can be used to fly dimming, audio, projection and personnel.  The decking offers positive attachment points for gear tie down, keeping equipment and personnel safe.  The heavy-duty construction can be attached to any style truss and gives the needed structural support for very heavy loads. All Rig-A-Deck comes in 4’x8’ decks and includes hand railing with kick plates.

The Arabesque Stage Tent

Specifically for our Hawaii market, Hang Ten Rigging offers the Arabesque Saddle-span stage tent. The Arabesque will comfortably fit a 36’ x 40’ stage and has an optional backstage covered area. We also offer a professional lighting package with custom design and programming. The tent can hold lighting from both it’s front and rear truss arches. And, the tent fabric can be lit up, inside and out, to provide a spectacular after dark look.


The tent is quick and easy to set up. It typically takes 6 to 8 hours to set with a 5-man crew including lighting.


The Arabesque is a perfect, cost-effective, venue solution for beaches, parks, and golf courses. 

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